Whispered – Lutakko, Jyväskylä 02/10/15


As a long-time fan of the mighty Whispered, a Finnish melodic death metal band with Japanese folk influences, when I noticed that they would actually be playing a show in Jyväskylä when I was there, I could barely contain my excitement at finally being presented with a chance to see them live and to see whether they were just as epic in a live environment as they were on CD.

The set began with the introduction to their first album, Thousand Swords filling the venue and the fourpiece filed onstage, dressed in black Japanese hakamas and adorned with red, black and white face-paint. They stood completely still as the introduction rang out, and when they launched into Thousand Swords straight afterwards, it was one of those spine-tinglingly good moments that will remain in your mind for a long time to come. The band sounded so tight and together, moving as a unit to create an almighty and striking sound, whilst also doing their own individual things within the song. It truly was a treat to witness.

The performance progressed tremendously from there and a particular highlight of the set was the inclusion of Fallen Amaterasu. This is a song that really packs a punch on CD, right from the soft and fairly simplistic introduction to the insanely fast-paced track it progresses into from there, and it is like the band are taking you on an adventure as the track flows from one section into the next – so needless to say, it was also incredible performed live and somehow even had an extra kick to it! Nicely done, to say the least.

Whispered’s performance came to a close with their latest single Sakura Omen, which is taken from their upcoming third full-length album, and although I was familiar with the song ahead of the show, it has to be said if that is the quality of song that we can expect from the upcoming album, we’ll all be in for an absolute treat.

Of course, the set would have been just that little bit more awesome if they’d played Blade In The Snow, but admittedly it is a little bit too long for them to play when they’re only in a support slot after all – however if that’s the only thing that can be faulted with the performance, then that just goes to show what an incredible show they put on. A night not to be forgotten.


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