Wheatus – The Garage, London 24/10/14


Late Cambrian (7/10) are a real feel-good band and good fun to watch. They sound good and look comfortable and confident on stage while they play their upbeat pop rock. The crowd aren’t really into the band which is a huge shame because they were a lot of fun. Maybe some better crowd interaction and better publicity would have improved their performance, but musically and vocally they performed exceptionally, minus the technical glitch.

Gabrielle Sterbenz (5/10) isn’t the most thrilling act by the stretch of anyone’s imagination. Playing a mixture of unexciting songs and even one in French didn’t exactly grab the crowd’s attention, however the crowd did make a lot of noise for her after each song so they obviously enjoyed listening to her, they just made no physical effort to show their enjoyment. She has a pleasant voice and can play the guitar – it’s just her song writing ability that’s lacking.

MC Frontalot (7/10) is an American ‘nerd’ rapper who is a lot of fun to listen to and watch, however it was a little cringe worthy at points. He has a second rapper called ‘Miss Evaes’ and the pair know how to work the stage and they both have comedic songs about life. They were incredibly fun to watch and listen to, but it was weird watching a man in an unfaltering suit and a surgical head touch rap.

Anyone who says that Wheatus (9/10) is a one hit wonder has obviously never explored their music and they played incredible songs throughout the set and wooed the crowd with humour, great music and a lively band. The voice on Brendan is incredible, the high notes sound heavenly and the low notes are deep and powerful. The crowd love the band and are off their feet at the appropriate times and throughout the set tell the band what to play, showing truly impressive musicianship to play whatever the crowd wants and to a high quality extent.

The backing group for the world’s biggest boy band One Direction joined Wheatus onstage to play a few songs with them, including 1D’s huge hit You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful and it was a crowd pleaser! The teenage dirtbags also got James Bourne (of Busted and McBusted), to come and play a song, this was one hell of a gig that’s for sure with some incredible guest acts. Ending the incredible set with their humongous hit Teenage Dirtbag, they got all the guests to join them, got the crowd to go a cappella and even got MC Frontalot and Miss Eaves to rap a verse.

This was a spectacular show that I can’t imagine happening again. The band put on a high energy show and you should definitely go and see them. You can help the band have a comeback by buying their new single Only You, featuring Josh and Sandy of One Direction, and get them into the UK Christmas charts.

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