We The Kings – Somewhere Somehow Review

we the kings somewhere somehowWe The Kings new album Somewhere Somehow is a very summer time album, it’s the sort of thing you’d listen to while on an american road trip.

The album opens with the song Queen of Hearts which jumps straight into vocalist Travis’ soothing voice with the chorus opening the album and flows into a rap influenced verse with a focus on the drum beat and vocals and it sets the feel for the album that although it’s still the happy upbeat We The Kings like in their previous albums, they are growing as musicians. It’s a happy upbeat song with some cute lyrics, pounding simple drum beats and a catchy chorus, you’ll be singing along before the end of the song.

One of the slower songs on the album Sad Song opens with a pleasant piano riff before Travis and a bunch of stringed instruments kick in and the name of the song is a pretty good indication the song isn’t overly happy and the lyrics define the statement. The piano is pleasant and the chorus is hard hitting. The second verse features female vocalist Elena Coats who really adds that extra something to the song. Travis’ and Elena’s harmonies are fantastic and the track is mainly piano driven with other instruments just highlighting the impressive vocals and elegant piano work.

The song That Feeling opens with a conversation where Travis asks a female to sing anything and the rest of the rest of instruments are based on what this woman sings. Its a very clever song and shows off the bands musical talent. The drums in the chorus are the most impressive on the album as he mimics the females vocal work. With an impressive bridge that leads in to the chorus. A huge chorus with some good lyrics. Impressive guitar riff mimicking the woman prove a really clever concept for a song.

Overall the album has a real pop feel with a focus on the drums and lots of production work on the album. But although it is very pop, it seems like a natural progression for the band who have worked with people like Demi Lovato on previous records. Although its not an overly complex album instrumentation wise, it works well and the songs are superbly written and easy to listen to.


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