We Never Learned To Live/Human Future – Marionettes And Misery Drone Review

We Never Learned To Live/Human FutureWe Never Learned To Live and Human Future had already toured together towards the end of 2013 and became firm friends. Both bands, are not far in distance from each other when at home so it came as no surprise they had both booked the same recording studio to record a track each. So the next logical step was to simply combine their two single tracks into one split EP and thus Marionettes and Misery Drone are the result.

Side A features Marionettes by We Never Learned To Live. The track is very atmospheric and melodic. The vocals really suit the style of the track with the melody that flows from soft to heavier, the drums helping to really build the track at certain parts and the guitar harmonising the whole track together. The track feels like a throwback to proper melodic post hardcore and it’s a welcome change fro the post hardcore of today.

Side B showcases Human Future’s Misery Drone. Whilst the bands are similar enough to be featured together and to have toured together, Human Future’s sound is different to that of We Never Learned To Live. Their track is still melodic post hardcore, but it feels a bit more like the band leans on the hardcore and mixes with it a bit of a progressive metal sound. The track is much more focused on the progressive elements, the guitar and drums building a sludgy sound, whilst the vocal performance is used to tie together the overall sound.

This is a great way to introduce new fans to two bands who are doing things a little differently and that each bring their own unique sound to the mix.


We Never Learned To Live: Facebook|Twitter
Human Future: Facebook|Twitter

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