We Fight Like Kids – Superficial Behaviour Review

We Fight Like Kids Superficial BehaviourIn order to review an EP, one needs to assess the point behind them. EPs are there to introduce you to a band as they build up towards a full length release. For many an EP will break the band completely, and you’ll never hear from them again – one thing is for sure, if that were to happen with We Fight Like Kids it would be a damn shame. This five track release absolutely reeks of potential, as the band fuse together heavy beat-down style riffs with the kind of melody you’d be used to from a Pop-Punk outfit. That’s not to say that the music is a mess in any way – they’re not confused, instead they’ve approached it in a way in which they can attempt to expand their talents through various avenues. They’ve got this hardcore sound which will be easier for those new to the scene to pick up.

As the first track plays out, right from the off you’ll be able to appreciate the different layers mashed together to create what turns out to be an excellent sound. The balance struck is good, we haven’t got too much of one or the other and they have avoided the relatively cringe-worthy sound so many of their contemporaries have been able to achieve. An important element to the EP, is the good level of groove throughout. These will be tracks will get a crowd going at gigs, that is almost a certainty.

As you race through the rest of Superficial Behaviour you’ll find that the tracks, whilst catchy and heavy, are also a little bit samey. With this being the case one can only hope that when it gets to their full length release, the band explore new ways to express a style which they are obviously very conscious of. We get hints of electronics, and pianos on the last track, so when it gets to a full length maybe these are the kind of concepts they will be able to play around with a bit more. As far as EPs go though, it does exactly as it intends to do. We’ve got an introduction to a band and their sound, a very good one at that.


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