We Are The In Crowd – Koko, London 10/02/14

We Are The In Crowd UK Tour 2014Save Your Breath stroll on to silence and the crowd just stays silent as the band start to play, they lack in stage presence although they’re trying hard. However a few heads bop along to the beat. The vocals are strong however the drums overpower the bass and guitar a lot. When the drummer ceases to play the other instruments get a chance to shine and that they do with some awesome bass playing, but the drummer doesn’t stop a lot. The crowd just aren’t responding to the band. They asked for jumping and a circle pit and all they got was a few head bobs. Maybe it’s the crowd, maybe it’s the band, but they are performing well. Great energy from the lead vocalist and guitarist who keeps smiling and waving to the crowd. They try nevertheless.

Neck Deep come on to cheers and jump straight into the music with huge amounts of crowd response. The crowd are singing along instantly. The band have loads of energy and spend little time on the floor. A surprise visit from Mike of We Are The In Crowd to brag about his Flappy Bird score sends the crowd roaring with cheers and laughter. The crowd are really into Neck Deep with waves of jumpers appearing through out the set at the command of the band playing. The band ask for a circle pit and the audience is devoured into one while a guest screamer comes on stage and the crowd go crazy. It’s so loud I can feel my nose and earlobes vibrate and I wasn’t the only one, it’s a really odd experience but I dread to think about my hearing. The vocalist is overpowered and sounds really out of breath at some points. They end the set with an acoustic song and the crowd are singing incredibly loud and the crowd participation through out the set is amazing and they are really responsive to the band who’s energy is through the roof.

The crowd are jumping along before We Are The In Crowd even hit the stage as the interval songs are a real crowd pleaser. But when they do enter the crowd go mental. The second front woman Tay enters the stage and the crowd don’t stop. The whole floor is jumping their during The Worst Thing About Me. The band really utilise their space and have so much energy. They work the crowd wonderfully. Getting the crowd to crowd surf as a competition to win free stuff really got the crowd roaring! Although I suffered multiple foots to my face, it was definitely fun.

After that the band play two dark songs with some awesome lightshow and dominating drums. The second song Long Live The Kids is an anthem and the band destroy the stage while they’re performing it. The band prance around the stage and get the crowd involved at every possible opportunity whether it be clapping, singing along or jumping. Stage tricks and lights really help set the atmosphere; which is a fun carefree feel. After thanking the tour crew they play their next song before exiting stage. After the crowd cheering for them to come back on they do and keep the crowd on their feet. In the last song Rumour Mill the crowd go wild and open the first and only pit of the WATIC set and the band don’t let up on energy.


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