We Are Fiction – One For Sorrow Review

So when Alexisonfire announced their split, we were all devastated wondering who would fill the void with their unique brand of mixing hardcore screamo vocals with a melodic harmonious set of lungs. Few bands have come close, the latest to try their hand at it are Peterborough’s We Are Fiction.

But they’re actually pretty good at it. The album shows its own transitions between success and mildly coming close, which seems to just highlight which tracks were the earlier written ones and which songs clearly came later in the band’s life once they’d honed the craft a bit and settled into the sound.

My Dreams Are Haunted is not only catchy with it’s belting sing along chorus, but it blends both set of vocals perfectly, showcasing just what this band can do. Sail On is a massive track with an epic ending that could easily close out any set whether at a bigger or smaller venue.

The stand out track on this album is Tilt because it’s a little bit different. There’s some tapping on this, but don’t worry it’s not all weird and oddly hip-hp. If anything it feels a bit Rage Against the Machine, which just makes it feel funky. Earth Machine highlights that We Are Fiction can write a greta rock ballad, as well as riff filled tunes.

This is a stinking album that needs to be on everyone’s playlist.


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