We Are Carnivores – Theodor’s A Don, Bro Review

Theodor's A Don, Bro ArtworkWe Are Carnivores is a band I want to like. There’s a great sense of fun to what they do, and there’s been plenty of occasions where their posts on social media have made me laugh, but unfortunately when it comes to their new EP Theodor’s A Don, Bro, it’s somewhat lacking in comparison.

At times it feels like the music has no real direction, with the vocals doing one thing and the instrumentation doing another, so it sounds disjointed as a result of the song construction. Additionally there’s no real hooks or catchy elements to the music that will draw you in – it’s all too easy to lose interest when the more striking song on the album is a somewhat cringe-worthy song entitled Scottish Power that appears to be about an encounter with the aforementioned company.

It’s a shame because the performances on the EP aren’t bad – they’re just a little lacking and aren’t all that memorable. But perhaps this is an EP best appreciated in a live environment when there’s a visual performance to accompany it?


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