We Are Carnivores – Tex-Mexiconomy Review

Tex-Mexiconomy We Are CarnivoresTex-Mexiconomy is the brand new EP from We Are Carnivores and whilst it is a fairly enjoyable listen, there isn’t much variety to be found within the six tracks.

It’s certainly not a difficult listen, with big guitar lines and great sing-along vocals but there just isn’t much differentiation between the songs; they blend into one another somewhat and the majority of them all follow largely the same format. It’s a shame because it does feel like the band is capable of achieving more than this.

However, it has to be said that Iron Me is definitely a standout track as it has more of an acoustic approach to it than the standard rock feeling that governs the rest of the songs. It’s a very emotional-sounding song with some stunning vocals that shows another side to the band, and the section where the full band joins in at the end is a great touch too, really adding a lot of effect to the song.

As a whole, Tex-Mexiconomy does leave a bit to be desired. It’s not terrible, but it’s not mindblowing either – it’s one of those releases that doesn’t really invoke a strong opinion in either direction.


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