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We Are Carnivores

We recently caught up with the guys from We Are Carnivores for a pretty amusing chat. Read below to learn all about having more energy than a Duracell battery, meeting on Plenty Of Fish, and a steamy collaboration with Marks & Spencer!

Thanks for the interview – can you introduce yourself and tell me a bit about the band?
Thank you, Soundscape!

Harry: Hi my name’s Harry and I am the best one. I am the front man ‘cause I have all the charisma and great jokes. People call me a mushroom ‘CAUSE I’M A FUNGHI AMIRITE.

James ‘Big Skillz’ Pickersgillz: I eat all the crips and I have savoury licks. I am dribble knee champion 2k14 and have big skillz.

Alex: I am the most graceful one. I have mad ballet chops and I totally know it. Also I love football though ‘cause of all the guys in sexy shorts

Beu: Hi my name is Beu and I’m pretty sure there’s been a duck following me since I joined this band, has anyone seen it?

How did you get started?
We met each other on Plenty of Fish and immediately knew we were going to be making waves. We got on with some warm up stretching and plenty of massaging before seeing what chemistry we had in the tuna department.

On the subject of warming up, you’re currently getting ready to release your new EP Tex-Mexiconomy – can you tell me about the writing and recording process?
We wrote and recorded in our very own Carnivore Mansion, so it was pretty chilled out. We vibed some vibes and they were pretty deece, so we prepped and sliced them up and got them down real nice. We only had a few arguments while writing it but that’s pretty important for this kind of stuff right? It was a mostly enjoyable process filled with lots of self-congratulatory fajita nights and trips to Rock City for bare party times.

Which song on the EP are you most proud of?
We can’t really pick a favourite choon ‘cause their all total bangers and mosh. Nah not really (but really), track 3 Crouching Tiger Hidden Spider has everything we ever want in a song and we are pretty chuffed with it. It’s got some delectable riffs with meter changes to wow Carol Vorderman and a big juicy tender driving chorus that even Chad Kroeger would be proud of.

Were there any songs that were more of a challenge to complete?
We had some tough times completing Quick Question Can’t Stay Long and Crouching Tiger Hidden Spider but then we got Darth Vader on board and everyone was pretty happy he was the missing piece for the project.

How would you describe your live show to someone who hasn’t seen you yet?
We usually describe them as having more energy than a Duracell Ultra Power battery but recently we feel like we’ve levelled up to more of an over 9000 kind of show. We bust out plenty of Spice Girls-style synchronised shapes and lately we’ve been working on some Michael Flatley Lord of the Dance kind of stuff for a big finale. We’re on tour from the 16th Oct so make sure you get down to a show with your best dancing shoes for our WAC tap dance extravaganza.

What has been your best experience in the business?
All the business is in our business pedal board business briefcase business time.

What inspires you?
That guy that smashed a load of level 100 legendary pokemon with a level 100 Magikarp. Feats like that make us believe that anything is possible and remind us never to stop training our Magikarps up.

And if We Are Carnivores could put their name to a product, what would you choose?
Really glad you asked that question as we actually already did an ultra-steamy collab with Marks & Spencer to promote our new range of Simply Carnivores Stèam Fraîche. We’re also in talks with JML about advertising a new product; we don’t know what it is yet but we know it’s going to have at least eight functions and will probably have ‘Magic’ in the product name. ‘Magic Eight-In-One Equals One Eighth Carnifunction Multivore Business Time’. Something like that. We’re still working on it.


Tex-Mexiconomy is out on November 10. Keep an eye on the site for our review of it!

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