Warner Drive – City of Angels Review

Warner Drive - City of AngelsWarner Drive are based in the City of Angels and have named their album after their home.

The hard rocking album opens with Rising From the Fallen. It’s a bit of a tune. It’s got a traditional hard rock repetitive guitar riff and drum beat to really kick the song off.

Next up is the title track The City of Angels, which has quite a Metallica’s James Hetfield style of vocal to it. It’s easy to see how this band are influenced by the classic tunes and the classic bands of old.

Midway through the album is the driving King of Swing. The riff is toe-tappingly good in this tune and there’s something a little medieval about this number.

The final track on this album is Fully Loaded and it’s a faster number from the get go. It seems to have a little bit of a punk rock feel to it in the drum style. However, the medieval lyrics are back so there are elements of Maiden in it too. It’s certainly ends the album on a high.

Warner Drive have a very classic metal/hard rock sound. They channel the likes of Mötley Crüe and Iron Maiden. It’s just a very classic sound. The sound jumps around a little and they seem to try channel too much old to really make something of their own. The band could really take their sound to a new level and make it something very special indeed if they can just make it feel a little more like their own. It’ll be interesting to see what else happens in future for this band.


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