War Curse – Final Days Review

war curse final daysWar Curse released Final Days in 2015 to a relatively positive response from critics. It was so good that it’s been decided to release it not just once but thrice as it’s now on CD but seeing that music technology has moved on a bit since compact discs were popular I’ve decided to wait until it’s released on mini disc to give it a spin.

Bawww, nobody remembers mini discs; the novelty format that could have taken Furbies with them to the grave. Final days are best recalled with humour.

Although the album Final Days is everything you would expect from a classic thrash act and it’s homage exemplifies how timeless the genre is, or how stagnant and unimaginative mainstream culture is, but I’ll save those pieces for another article.

A six-track extended play that has brutal lessons in both sociology and most importantly evil bloody music. Characterized in the smell of denim jackets covered in hand sewn patches and a truck of malt– teasers it’s rich and aromatic sound is duplicitous to the sour content. Yet this retrograded juxtaposition is exactly what makes it refreshing.

The chorus effect applied to give this EP a special sound returns a dull serration from the guitar. Lacking tonal modulation its core is a straight up endeavor that speaks volumes, however a few bridges wouldn’t go amiss, when chugging from riff to riff. It’s like Tetris the musical but like the original game its simplicity is its sturdy virtue and it certainly hits above the mediocrity.


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