Waning – Feeding Of Fragments Review

Waning Feeding of FragmentsSwedish black metal band Waning’s EP Feeding Of Fragments is the first release in a series of mini albums conceptualized around various themes of human contemporary misery, cynicism and drone mentality. The thing about this EP is that it has the potential to be great because the music itself is quite well-constructed but the vocals unfortunately let it down.

Although some problem lies within the mixing, as the instrumentation overpowers them to the extent that Waning could almost be passable as an instrumental band, there’s just no substance behind them and they feel like they’re being forced out on occasions.

Saying that, there are some gems nestled in the EP, and second track Not Among Them has an awesomely catchy guitar line and the power behind the drums is tremendous. The abrupt ending is great too; the sudden silence really resonates.

Feeding Of Fragments closes with Faceless In Line. It starts off well, with a great strong opening, but it gets a little repetitive after a while with the same ideas repeating over and over, so it didn’t wind up being the most satisfying of endings.

A release that could have been so much more.


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