Walking Corpse Syndrome – Human Delusion Review

Human Delusion walking corpse syndromeIt has to be said that Human Delusion, the fourth album from groove metallers Walking Corpse Syndrome, is a powerful affair. Boasting a unique setup boasting two drummers, there’s no denying that the piece has a bit of extra bite, especially when coupled with the meaty vocals and chugging guitars, and it makes for a great listen.

Walking Corpse Syndrome absolutely power through this album, with each track somehow feeling more energetic and punchy than the last, with highlights including second trackĀ Apocalypse, which features some vocals tailor-made for crowd participation andĀ Static Illusion, which features some truly magnificent guitar riffs and melodies. Indeed, the album as a whole is just tremendously tight and together, and it really feels like the band is moving as a unit rather than as individuals, which is great to hear. The vocals pack a real punch and it almost feels like frontman Leif doesn’t even pause for breath as each track progresses!

Admittedly you can’t always pick up on the fact the band does indeed feature two drummers – it does feel at times like the band is better appreciated live so that you can experience the visual representation of two drummers as well as listening to the music, but aside from this, Human Delusion is a great listen that will get your head banging and your foot tapping!


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