Vredehammer – Vinteroffer Review

Vredehammer VinterofferSometimes you just know an album is going to blow you away from the mere opening chords of the introduction and an album that definitely falls into that category is the incredible new album from Vredehammer, Vinteroffer.

The introductory track gets the album off to a fantastic start, building up a tremendous amount of atmosphere over its duration – especially in the latter half with the inclusion of the full band – and when the first full track, Cthulhu, kicks in, you practically get a compulsion to start banging your head along to it in response. It’s just a wholly gripping track and is the perfect beginning to the album.

Things progress fantastically from thereon in and there’s this relentless energy throughout; the band just give it their all from start to finish and it makes the album such a rewarding listen as a result. Particular highlights are Suicide Forest, a track which has this ace guitar riff weaving in and out of the song and foot-tappingly brilliant drums, and title track Vinteroffer, which starts off slow before exploding into a glorious mixture of sounds and ideas that blend seamlessly together.

Vredehammer themselves personally guaranteed that this is an album that will make you headbang no matter what – and it’s clear why, as Vinteroffer is a thoroughly engaging listen that you’re going to keep wanting to come back to.


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