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Finnish metal band Vorna has just released a new single called Tie varjoista and a lyric video for the song. Tie varjoista is a follow-up to the previous Aalloista single which was released in September (our feature about it can be read here) and the new single presents a whole different approach.

Vocalist Vesa Salovaara shares his thoughts on the new single:
Tie varjoista (transl. A Journey out of the Shadows) represents the faster and more aggressive side of Vorna without being mindless rampaging. Our newest album and the new single Aalloista we released last autumn were both leaning towards quite dark and atmospheric style, so it felt good to let off some steam for a change. Certain melancholy is always present in our music, but despite that, I see Tie varjoista as more of an empowering than depressing song. The title and the lyrics refer to that as well; perhaps we shouldn’t dwell so much in the shitty side of things, but go forward instead and take advantage of the lessons and knowledge life provides us.”

Tie varjoista is now available at the most common download stores and streaming services. You can watch the lyric video below, and support the band directly on their bandcamp here!

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