Void Ritual – Heretical Wisdom Review

The first album from Void Ritual goes out of its way to fit into the strict rules of second-wave back metal. While its technical prowess is focused mainly on tremolo picking and blast beats. Hidden in the maelstrom however is a self-effacing gem.

With not the strongest of starts the first track on Heretical Wisdom stumbles to set the scene. Appearing as just another standard black metal fare. Yet that soon abates and Daniel Jackson cranks it up beyond what the illusionary and unmemorable first track laid down. From second track Breathing Ice onwards this album becomes comparable to the folk inspired second-wave sound. Soaring on devilish harmonies and articulate riffs.

Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico Void Ritual is the sole work of Daniel Jackson. Heretical Wisdom is the first album from Void Ritual however there was a previously released EP and also a split with Scotlands’ Barshasketh. Where both received critical acclaim. Heretical Wisdom continues the sentiments and for the most part exceeds them.

Demonic and unholy Jackson vaunts the second-wave sound and Heretical Wisdom comes across as both honorific and fresh towards the 90’s scene. Its reverence to the diabolical style and its form is adhered to with an immaculate perspicacity. Even the over saturated treble frequencies sound like their killer riffs were recorded on a four track in the middle of a dank forest.

Void Ritual might not evolve the genre in any way but it doesn’t try to re-enact the foundations of the genre either. Instead it twists the sound from a refined particle wave that has carried the unholy substance far through time and space. With a raw and controlled capriciousness Heretical Wisdom is a fresh perspective on a relic from the chaos past.


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