Voice Of Ruin – Morning Wood Review

Playing music that has been described as ‘horny farmer metal’, Voice Of Ruin was always going to be a band that would grab my attention, and grab it they have in the form of their awesome new album, Morning Wood.

Sometimes, all it takes is a really good introduction to know an album is going to be amazing and Voice Of Ruin have achieved this, creating something beautiful with Welcome To The Stud Farm, which is a highly emotive and powerful instrumental number that sets the scene perfectly before the band brings the noise (or rather, party!) with following track Party Hard, an energetic and boisterous number that still manages to retain a lot of the melody from the introduction, which is a nice touch.

Morning Wood consists of some really strong songs, such as the title track which sounds like an all-out aural assault on your ears before delivering some unexpected clean vocals and it winds up nicely with the aptly-titled Dirty which features some downright filthy riffs and guitar solos.

It’s perhaps easy to write this band off as a novelty band when you read their biography but the music is masterfully well-written and Voice Of Ruin have mastered the art of churning out earworm after earworm chock-full of riffs and sheer aggression. Morning Wood brings it all and then some. A stellar album from start to finish.


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