Vintersorg – Naturbål Review

Vintersorg NaturbålNaturbål by Vintersorg is indeed an intriguing release. The ninth full-length album from the outfit, it’s an atmospheric and stunning release that follows on well from their previous offering, Orkan. It’s a substantial release and dynamically strong; perhaps one of their best albums to date.

One of the best elements of the album is the vocals. The harsh vocals are succinctly powerful and there’s just this special something about the clean vocals. They’re striking and unique, and lend themselves well to the music – which is a feat in itself, as sometimes clean vocals can feel a little out of place in this style of music, but they add depth and uniqueness to the music.

Lågornas rov is a particular highlight, with some epic instrumentation supported with incredible vocals. The clean vocal sections are simply begging to be sang along to and will no-doubt be stuck in your head for days to come, and the epic instrumental section just after the half-way point is most excellent.

Another great inclusion is the stunning Urdarmåne, starting off slow and beautifully before a crushing heaviness kicks in and completely blows you away. It’s almost like the song takes you on a journey because of the way it progresses and it’s a good, meaty track that’s well worth a second glance.

Naturbål is an ambitious album and definitely ticks all the right boxes for being a release you’ll keep wanting to return to. Another stunning album from Vintersorg.


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