Vintersorg – Till Fjälls del II Review

Vintersorg Till Fjälls del IIIt’s always a little risky to write a sequel/follow-up part to a previous album, so when it was announced that there was going to be a part two of Vintersorg’s Till Fjälls, I felt a little apprehensive at first. However, described as not being a classic sequel and being like a “lost twin finding its other half after many years”, it’s not simply a case of Vintersorg rehashing the same album again – and Till Fjälls del II is indeed a fine piece of work.

Till Fjälls del II is a mighty and momentous piece; whilst it does hark back to Vintersorg’s earlier sounds and approaches, it also sounds fresh and new, so it’s like the perfect combination of old and new. There’s gloriously heavy moments and beautifully melodic moments, as well as everything else in between, so it makes for fantastic listening as a result, because you’re never quite sure what you’ll be faced with next on the piece!

There’s plenty of incredible inclusions on Till Fjälls del II, with an early highlight being second track En väldig isvidds karga dräkt, which is a massive track that opens with a epically majestic fanfare of sound before the vocals kick in and the mixture of clean and harsh juxtaposed against each other really grabs your attention, and as the track progresses you can’t help but just feel drawn into it! Another fantastic track is later song Vinterstorm, which will definitely give you goosebumps. The vocal line is incredible and there’s a magical, ethereal quality to the track. A particularly good element is how the introduction is fairly gentle and sparse, and then when Vintersorg progresses into a fuller sound, it hits you like a tonne of bricks!

In short – Till Fjälls del II is an absolutely awesome listen. This is an album you shouldn’t miss!


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