Vinide – Reveal Review

Release date: 26th January 2018

If there was ever a country deserving of being called a Mary-sue then it would be Finland. Finland with its perfect schooling system. Finland with its perfect sound. Finland; with it’s perfect freaking living conditions for Santa Claus. Finland. Finland. Finland. Vinide are from Finland if you hadn’t guessed and their third album Reveal is the perfect headbanger.

Finland gets a lot of sunlight so it makes sense that the people who live there have developed a technology to harness the natural energy of Solar and the light fantastic. Only to turn it to more nefarious means; Power Metal! Just plug your headphones in while this album is on and your own energy signature will be transformed into a stream of positive vibes with your head nodding like a dynamo.

Reveal is a resplendent album. Rich in incendiary riffs, soaring melodies and awesome solos. There are so many dynamics at play on this album that getting lost in its detailed passages is half the fun. The other half being just good old rhythm bashing.

The only songs that don’t warrant a neck thrashing are the intro and some other intermediate tracks. These songs are interesting in their own right, and necessary to the operatic scheme from this Finnish guitar oriented symphony.

‘Grand’ doesn’t sum this album up and neither does ‘epic.’ These words are too small to fully embody the extent of absolute brilliance that this album has stacked in its tracklist.

In arcane times we would record music by scrawl hoping that the message would be carried by the wind to the ears of our audience. Obviously that’s an outdated practice but practice makes perfect practice. Vinide are the engineers of a mighty technological marvel and with an almost flawless expression they didn’t invented the wheel but with Reveal they’re pushing it further into new sonal climates and more expressive musical territories.


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