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Villains More and definitely more often new bands are popping up and really throwing a benchmark out for rock bands across the world with forward thinking approaches and interesting genre mixes. Villains are no exception to this. Formed from members of Never Means Maybe they mean business. With a self titled debut album that has been eagerly anticipated they have been tipped as ones to watch in 2014 by Kerrang Radio’s Alex Baker.

The album opens strong, introducing a hint of hard rock similar to Mallory Knox but with a far more adaptable vocal from Renz Byrne and suggested hints of indie rock that wouldn’t ordinarily be found in music of this style. This works perfectly.

When delving deeper into the album drummer Drew Steane brings a post hardcore influence to the music which begins to edge them away from the indie rock influences heard in The Way I Tell Them and closer to the hard rock found in music by Young Guns.

Tracks to look out for are The Fall, which is a real power rocker with some really strong vocals, The Light Outlives the Star, a big rock ballad with some really dramatic and uplifting keys and lead guitars which is crying out to be a single and finally Visions, the edgiest of tracks on display, an incredible second verse with a meaty guitar riff forcing heads to nod which is made perfect by the drums sitting back and powering the beat through.

There is so much room for this band to develop and with already having an edge over bands who have already made it big creating similar music Villains are surely going to be one of the next big bands in British rock.


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