Vetrar Draugurinn – I Review

Vetrar Draugurinn CoverI is the debut EP from Vetrar Draugurinn (a band featuring members of Stream Of Passion, All For Nothing and Autumn, amongst others) and you can tell it’s the work of several experienced musicians because it is a very coherent and ‘together’ listen.

Although only featuring four songs, it’s a substantial piece that definitely draws on the strengths of all the band’s musicians. For the most part, the music is crushingly melancholic with a good heavy edge to them, and the vocals pair up well with it as there’s a good bit of body and substance behind the clean delivery of them – and in particular, the passionate and emotive performance in second track Vigil (for the Lost Children of our Generation) will give you goosebumps.

Additionally, there’s a great amount of drive and momentum to the music. I is energetic without being over the top, and the flow as the EP progresses is very natural with the songs blending well together. Everything about the EP just seems to work, which surely bodes well for a future full-length release from the fourpiece.

All in all, I is a great starting point for Vetrar Draugurinn – hopefully this is the beginning of a long and illustrious career for this talented band!


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