Versus You – Moving On Review

Verses You - Moving OnIt’s not often you hear of band’s from Luxembourg. Especially one who rocks some pop punk to the max, but Versus You do just that. The vocal reminds me James Hart back in his Eighteen Vision days, but with the music of quality pop punk bands like Jimmy Eat World or No Found Glory. It’s a great mix.

The songs are very short, but that doesn’t at all let them down, that just adds to the elements of punk even more for the band.

When It All Goes Down kicks off the album and you’re immediately led into classic pop punk. It’s brash, it’s loud, it’s fast and it’s fun. A Way With Words has a really funky guitar solo, but it’s a bit repetitive otherwise.

Skinny and Distracted has some definite sing-a-long areas that will please crowds in a live setting. Although some of the messages are a bit mixed in this track, and they seem to be the polar opposite of the track, Stay Down, Stay Strong. But this is classic of pop punk.

If pop punk is your thing then you’ll totally love this album. If you’re more of a dabbler in it like myself then this can get a little annoying and repetitive after a while. I can appreciate it for what it is, but it’s not my cup of tea personally.


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