Varvara – Death Defying Tricks Review

varvara-death-defying-tricksDeath Defying Tricks is the interesting and intriguing third album from Finnish alt-rockers Varvara. Mixed by Pelle Gunnerfeldt and mastered by Brad Boatright, this is surely a sign of the quality of this release, and it’s a very strong release from the outfit.

It’s impossible to pin Varvara down to one specific style, as there’s elements of several different genres merged together to create something very striking, and the band has definitely succeeded in creating an immersive listen that will certainly draw you in. There’s plenty of memorable moments that will wind up stuck in your head, and you can also really hear the passion in each individual performance on the album, which is really great to witness.

One of the strongest tracks comes right in the middle of the album, a song entitled Human Being. The shortest song of Death Defying Tricks, and perhaps the fastest paced, it’s a wonderfully energetic number brimming with passion and two particularly good elements of the song is the kickass guitar solo in the latter half of the song, and the stunning vocal performance throughout – the falsetto section was spine-tinglingly good. Additionally the momentum packed by the drums is fantastic, both in the sparser section and the denser ones, and the chorus certainly packs a bunch as a result.

Varvara have created something ace with Death Defying Tricks, and it’s clear that three albums into their career, they know what works and what doesn’t – so subsequently, their third offering is their best yet. Make sure you don’t miss this album!


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