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Vanity Clothing 2014

Can you please Introduce yourself to our readers?
Vanity Crew was launched this April 2014, and are born out of Sheffield, England. Set up by two fashion obsessives, we are an independent fashion label selling primarily through our website

How did Vanity Crew come about?
We have dabbled in the fashion industry before, and always had ambitions to launch our own range. Then one day, that light bulb moment struck, and the brand name Vanity Crew was born. While Vanity may be one of the seven deadly sins, we believe it is one that should be celebrated. After all… there’s no harm having the belief that you look and feel good.

What have you got going on at the moment?
Our launch ‘Emblem’ range is big and bold for Spring/Summer 2014. Following a black and white theme, we believe our simple yet stylish pieces set a real statement.

Currently we stock only through our website at – but would love to link up with shops and other online stockists in future.

What is your main vision for Vanity Crew?
For people to #JoinTheCrew. We hope to see people showing of their vanity and identifying with our label. As we grow we will introduce further designs and styles, and with that spread the love for Vanity Crew.

What do you think is the most important thing to you in running Vanity Crew?
The most important thing to us is providing customers with garments that they want to wear over and over again – be it in the pub, at a festival, lounging in the house, or down the gym. For people to recognise there is nothing wrong with a bit of vanity.

What advice would you give someone who was thinking about starting up a clothing line?
Only set a clothing line up if you have a real love for fashion. Don’t do it for the money. It is a lot of hard work, but the buzz we get seeing people in our clothing certainly makes it worth it. We love to feel like we look good… so it’s great to be able to see others feeling and looking good too.

Whats the hardest thing about running a clothing line?
There are so many clothing lines out there nowadays, the hardest thing is providing something you believe is different and has it’s own market. We believe we have a brand a lot of people can identify with, and have ensured our garments are of a fine quality.

Vanity Clothing 2014

What is your inspiration for Vanity Crew?
Without sounding repetitive, but our inspiration is seeing people looking good and not afraid to celebrate it. So what if you want to check yourself out in the mirror from time to time… you look bloody good!

Do you have any famous fans?
Marco Alexandre and Ashley Cain from new MTV show Ex on the Beach are big fans of our clothing, while Jordan from the Magaluf Weekender also recently made an order. We are hopeful of linking up with some music stars and DJs in the near future.

Do you think music and fashion go hand in hand?
Music and fashion are like love and marriage. Listening to music evokes a mood in the same way that wearing your favourite clothes does, and today’s musical stars consider their fashion style hugely important. On that note, we’re off to slip into our VC Tee and Dre Beats…

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