7 Upcoming Bands To Watch At 2000 Trees Festival

With an array of talent on offer at this years 2000 Trees we’ve made a little list of upcoming acts to keep you going for when you’re wandering around the trees with some spare time.

Check out 2000 Tree’s website for more information and tickets –


Hardcore punks from Brighton bring the beats. Reminisce about your youthful skater days by listening to jumping around to Giants.

The One Hundred.

Combining all the elements you wouldn’t think could be combined The One Hundred fuse together hip-hop, metal, punk, grime with screaming shrieks of singer Jacob. Lively and young these boys often prove their live ability playing with confidence and composure.


If you fancy taking it down a notch this five piece atmospheric band will grip you from start to finish. Their fresh post-hardcore is riveting, fragile yet aggressive. A young band that deserves your attention.


Wars are out to fight the system with their empowering hard rock. If you like a winning screaming/singing combo then check out Wars.

The St. Pierre Snake Invasion.

Exciting, loud, and instantly likeable. These Bristol rockers will show you a groove or two to mosh to. They’ll also become your favourite new band.

Making Monsters.

These alt-rockers are currently pushing for glory with relentless tours, airtime and working to finish their debut, which is due to be released in 2018. Powerful beats, powerful vocals.


Their name seems to be doing the rounds lately (and it’s not because of the inappropriate way you can say it), their touring and single has been gathering quite the attention. This three piece from Chester and their mix of indie-pop have been all over the radio waves and only expect to gather more momentum. Catch them for some light hearted fun.

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