Undawn – Justice Is… Review

undawn justice isThe metalcore artists formerly known as Symphony of Destruction have released their second album under the moniker Undawn called Justice Is… which in name acts as a great introduction to each track, like justice Is Coming Home or justice Is Faceless. Behind this convention lies a very enthused and commemorable album.

Justice is… spliced with two parts of vitriol, one part melody and ten parts of awesome to deliver an unyielding battery of incendiary metal. Think Dark Tranquility with Oli Sykes. With an elaborate an extensive music vocabulary this album asserts itself as a triumphant return.  Where beautiful arpeggios are complimented by a swift wind.  In a tired genre the conflation of influences Undawn practice belies the over saturated profusion of sound imitators, making for a refreshing experience right through.

The scope of Undawns’ second album is apt to its title and communicated through passion. In comparison to earlier styles of metal, while it’s not a definitive classic, it’s endearing riffage makes for a good supposition in what metal can be when it’s toned down to have a more humble and average presentation. Although the music is extravagant and totally on form the indistinct growls and twee screams turn the album into just another act; with heaps of potential to find their own path.


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