Unbowed – Through Endless Tides Review

Unbowed - Through Endless TidesThrough Endless Tides is the brand new album from Canadian symphonic black/death outfit Unbowed and just…HELL YES. Stick this album on and turn up the volume because it surely can’t be listened to any other way! Through Endless Tides is one seriously awesome piece of work.

Merging symphonic and death metal together, the balance between melody and aggression is sublime, and this album will have you banging your head one moment and passionately singing along the next. The vocals are powerfully delivered no matter if they’re harsh or melodic, and the instrumentation packs a real punch with aggressive in-your-face riffs with the symphonic interjections giving the piece an extra sparkle.

It’s difficult to know quite what to say about this excellent release without just simply wanting to yell about how awesome it is. From the kickass opening track Mountaincarver that gets the album off with a bang to the more melodically driven track Daughter Of The Flood and the mosh-worthy penultimate track Dreaming Of The Deep (that track in a live environment is surely immense), Unbowed have crafted an intense listen with Through Endless Tides.

All in all, a mighty listen. Trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed if you check this one out.


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