Singled Out: Twin Atlantic – Heart and Soul

Twin Atlantic - Heart and SoulScotland’s finest Twin Atlantic have returned with a stunning new single that showcases that the band are certainly doing something a little different to everyone else out there at the moment.

The song is rock and roll at it’s finest and it’s filled with a simple beat and riff, but it really makes the track shine. Sometimes simplicity is all you need to really make something amazing. Heart and Soul really starts to build just before each chorus kicks in. Only problem I find when the chorus does kick in is that I start singing Whitesnake’s Here I Go. It’s that same catchiness and the riff is similar because of it’s simplicity. It’s not a complaint though, because both are equally catchy tracks it seems.

The key to Twin Atlantic is that they’re Scottish and that vocalist Sam McTrusty loses none of that fantastic Scottish accent of his when he sings. Their current sound is probably my most favourite from the band yet too.

As for the video, it’s again simple in nature to accompany the track. It’s the band performing, but it goes through a series of transition (something not particular simple to create), along with some hearts, roses and dancers. And yes I spotted the cute soft toy monkey. Not sure of his purpose, but he’s just sitting there all smiley and happy in the middle of this jolly track. It’s a video and track that you can easily see getting much radio and TV play. Expect to her this a hell of a lot. You can check out the song and video below.

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