Turning Virtue – A Temporary Human Experience Review

turning virtue a temporary human experienceFrom Buffalo, NY comes the impressive and unique Turning Virtue, a band that is truly focused on speaking from a place of raw honesty and personal understanding. Releasing their ambitious and very creative album titled A Temporary Human Experience, Turning Virtue is a musical act with a polarizing style that will no doubt have people talking about the music they have created in potentially heated debates.

Releasing their lead single Transcend, Turning Virtue has wasted no time bringing people into the eclectic musical style that they possess. With emotional guitar riffs that match similar methodically placed drumming and vocals, Transcend is a beautiful journey. As far as lead singles go, this has all the makings of a great one.

The song that shakes it all up is titled Box Of Disappointment, and it is a true departure from anything else on the album. An interesting mash up of Radiohead meets Nikki Sixx meets Live, Box Of Disappointment doesn’t pull any emotional punches. For many, this is going to be their favorite song, and yet for others this will be the song that they cannot absorb easily. A beautiful and dark journey, Box Of Disappointment is a testament to the creative abilities of Turning Virtue.

Choosing to end their creative juggernaut of an album with the track titled Salty Tears is both the right move, and somehow also a slight bit disappointing. The song itself is interesting and ethereal, but after hearing the progressive style of Turning Virtue, this song feels a bit more like a long drawn out sigh in comparison, but that may be exactly the point; of course, there is a chance that this is one of those sleeper hits that eventually digs its claws in on the fifth listen through. At over twelve minutes long Salty Tears is a mini epic that deserves the attention of any listener looking for something with depth.

Turning Virtue is something hard to place in a genre box. There is prog-rock for sure, but there is also some other styles weaved into the fabric of every track as well. For many, a band like this is going to challenge you a bit as a listener, and for some this might be a bit too daring to accept, but for others, this is going to be one of those albums that they love instantly.

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