Tumbler – Come To The Edge Review

tumbler come to the edgeNot every new band can succeed in creating an album filled with great music, where song after song is a new and inspired experience but for Epson, England’s own Tumbler, that is exactly what they have done. Releasing their new album Come to the Edge, Tumbler has wasted no time with impressing their audience with great song writing skills and solid musicianship.

Black Sheep is the rebellious and anthem-like album opener. The song is both gritty and well produced. Great care has been given to the details on every layer that fills out this instantly likeable track. The message is worthwhile, the lyrics are solid, and everyone is right where it belongs. A great opener for sure, and not an easy track to follow up on.

Slowing the albums pace down slightly, but not ruining the albums flow, is the following song titled Don’t Take Much. There is some clear inspiration coming from The Beatles here, which is going to be welcome among many. Although this song may have slowed things down a bit too much too soon for my tastes, it does show that Tumbler harnesses a true ability to create diverse songs worthy of a listen.

My choice for the albums lead single goes to the fast paced, and very catchy, track titled Falling. This song may start off a little too light and airy in the vocal department, but doesn’t stay in that space for too long at all; and thankfully, this song travels through many interesting peaks and valleys which all lead to a welcome payoff at the end of the song. Solidifying the fact that Tumbler truly knows how to not only write a song, but also how to produce one as well; Falling is the song I would advise anyone to take a listen to when deciding on whether to listen to more from this interesting band.

As the album progresses, many songs stand out, but with so many well written songs, not many songs stand above the rest. It is safe to say that if you like one song from Tumbler, then you will like the rest as well. Tumbler has a bit of folk, alternative, pop, rock, and in ways a little Americana added on top; but they always handle their varied style with the care of a true professional minded band. The one inconsistency I can hear lies within the vocal delivery. I can tell that, at times, the singer is trying to sound a certain way, rather than “just singing to the best of his abilities”. Speaking of those clear vocal abilities, it would be great to hear the complete range that the lead singer has in his arsenal; perhaps on a future album?

If you like new and diverse music then waste no time waiting and make sure to take a listen to Tumbler’s new album Come to the Edge.

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