Tuliterä – Tulikaste Review

Tuliterä TulikasteTulikaste is the latest release from Tuliterä, an instrumental prog/psychedelic band hailing from Helsinki, Finland, and it’s an adventurous offering that you’ll certainly remember for all the right reasons.

Tulikaste feels like you’re being taken on a musical journey by Tuliterä, with each twist, turn and new idea forming part of a bigger picture, and it’s one of those pieces you’ll have to listen to closely in order not to miss anything – on each listen, you seem to discover something new and it really helps to keep you on your toes! One of the best things about Tulikaste, however, has to be the fact that Tuliterä have crafted a piece that sounds like one continuous track, yet each individual song that makes up the album has its own identity.

Indeed, a particular highlight is the penultimate track, All-Seeing Delirium, a heavy and catchy number that has a furious relentless energy to it for its entire fourteen-minute duration and despite the fact there’s no vocals, you still find yourself wanting to get involved in some fashion by humming the main melody of the piece, which is evidence of some masterful songwriting.

As a whole, there isn’t much that can be faulted with Tulikaste. It doesn’t quite feature that special something but regardless of this, it’s an excellent album and one I will surely be returning to for a long time to come.


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