Try Me/Love Me – Young Love EP Review

Try Me/Love Me – Young Love

This is punk/hardcore band Try Me/Love Me’s debut EP and it’s 4 tracks of pretty intense hardcore. The band, a side project which includes members of Heart In Hand and Hearts Under Fire, have garnered quite a bit of press since forming. Rocksound debuted the bands first video ‘Oh, Princess’ in October and the band definitely have a buzz about them.

First track, The aforementioned ‘Oh, Princess’ really gets things going, a throat shredding vocal from Charlie Holmes, some chugging riffs from George King and Dan and kick ass frantic drumming form Lexi Clark all come together to form an excellent song.

‘Good Evening, Good night, Goodbye’ lures you in with some sedate guitar and then heads full tilt into a punk-tinged faster paced, bruiser of a track, until a break down of epic proportions.

‘Blank (for her)’ is a great combination of melodic riffs and aggression, it’s almost a garage punk sounding track with a couple of twists and turns. A great song.

The EP was produced by Sam Burden, whose produced Bring Me The Horizon, Hearts Under Fire and Outcry Collective.

Last track ‘I Am Self Loathing’ is outstanding, full of hateful lyrics and another killer vocal from Charlie.

If you like your music aggressive and powerful, but played with skill and passion then Try Me/Love Me are definitely for you.

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