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true moonThis is the self-titled debut album from Swedish dark-pop duo True Moon. It’s a slightly hypnotic piece and although there’s some elements that lets it down, as a whole it’s a fairly solid listen.

There’s a beautiful light airiness to the music with some dark undertones, and the blend of the two works well as there’s a nice feeling of mystery to the album as a result. The energy and momentum is good, and there’s a good, natural flow from one song to the next – it’s almost like one long story with several twists and turns! A nice highlight also comes in the form of sixth track Guns, which has some awesome psychedelic vibes in addition to everything else.

However, at times it does feel like it’s a little difficult to connect with the music as the melodies and riffs aren’t the sort that are destined to get stuck in your head, and whilst the half-yelled, half-sang vocal approach is good, they’re not very impactful – so as a whole the album falls a little flat. The talent and ability is there, but the pieces don’t quite fit together, and it’s a shame.

There’s potential to be found within True Moon’s material but it doesn’t quite leave the impression on you that the band is perhaps capable of. However, it’s a decent enough listen and is still worth checking out.


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