Trivium – Ember To Inferno: Ab Initio Review

trivium-ember-to-inferno-ab-initio-artworkI still remember picking up Ember To Inferno back in 2005, not long after Trivium had released their critically acclaimed second album Ascendancy, so to hear that this album was getting a rerelease subsequently made me feel rather old…! However despite this, I was happy to learn that this wasn’t just going to be a substandard reissue featuring nothing more than updated artwork and remastered songs – Ember To Inferno: Ab Initio features some demo material from the band’s early days, and it definitely shows how far the band has come since their beginnings.

Indeed, listening to this album feels like a nice little blast from the past. It’s a little rough-and-ready at times, showing the band still finding their feet with their sound, but it’s an overall great listen, showing the makings of a band on the cusp of greatness, ready to make it big. The title track is a particularly good example of this, featuring a powerful singalong chorus, an excellent dual guitar solo and plenty of opportunities to bang your head along to it!

The bonus tracks are a great addition to an already-strong piece, and they make for really interesting listening as it’s clear the band has come a long way since recording them! Some of the tracks leave a little to be desired, and some of them may not be the most memorable of pieces, but nevertheless they feel like an important insight into the humble beginnings of the band and as such, are definitely worth a listen.

Thirteen years on, Ember To Inferno still holds strong. If you haven’t already heard this fantastic debut, what on earth are you waiting for?


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