Treasures – Alive Review

Treasures AliveThe weather may be looking rather wintery and bleak outside at the moment, but the music inside is oh so good. It’s an EP, which means it’s an all too short snippet of excellence, but surely that just showcases what’s about to come from Treasures?

The EP kicks off with track Home and immediately you’re thinking to yourself, “where have this band been my whole life?!” It’s the kind of music to make you just feel alive. No pun intended I assure you, but truly you feel everything with it. Just close you eyes and savour it, drink it in. It leads into Our Friends, Our Enemies with an almost seamless transition. It will only take a few listens before you have the chorus locked down to belt out at the top of your lungs, regardless of whether you’re in public or not.

Treasures slow it down in The Waiting Game but lose none of that raw feeling. The track is still big in a different way using the instrumentation to build at pivotal points in the track and the vocals to just add another dimension to the nature of the song. The title track is the last on this EP and it’s huge. It adds a whole new scope to the bands sound and just another level of intensity. The group vocals just boost this track and you’ll be hard pressed not to love this band.

I dare you not to feel something, not to be taken back to something that made you feel happy, sad, angry or just so alive.


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