Toshes – The Mask We Wear EP Review

Toshes are a four piece alternative rock band; however they claim to be “Claustrophobic Rock”. Formed in October 2012, from West London, the band recently first released their first E.P entitled ‘The Mask We Wear’ for free download via the bands website.

Whilst ‘Adrenaline’ and ‘Precious Junk’ were stand-out tracks, ‘Dealer of Despair’ and ‘The Tribe’ just weren’t on par with their level.

A personal favourite, ‘Adrenaline’ is darker and boasts a creepy vibe. The song progresses nicely to a lighter sound and the drum and bass verses provide a nice groove.

‘Precious Junk’ is where the band reaches the climax of the E.P. The song has some real attitude to it. The contrast between the clean vocals and the screamed vocals provides for an interesting listen but the song dies down toward the end and loses the intensity it had built.

Overall the songs sound very similar to each other and although the songs are intelligent and well written, they need more memorable moments. It will be interesting to see where future releases take the band’s sound.


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