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Tor Marrock

Tor Marrock is a gothic/dark metal act that has been going since 2005 and they are currently working on their third album. We caught up with them in Liverpool to have a chat.

So you’re about to play a show with Eye Of Solitude, The Drowning and My Silent Wake at Bumper in Liverpool. What can people expect from a Tor Marrock show?
John (guitar): What can people expect from a Tor Marrock show? Well, a couple of songs from the back catalogue from our first album, and a new Tor Marrock sound, really. We now have two guitarists whereas before there was one, so we sound a bit more fuller than we did in the past.
Tor (bass/vocals): Yeah, and we’ll be playing some new songs for the very first time live. We’re not sure how they’re going to go down but hopefully well!

What’s the best show you’ve ever played?
Rob (guitar): Well, this is only mine and John’s second show with the band, but I can certainly say my favourite show of Tor Marrock that I’ve seen. And that was in a little pub, back in Neath, South Wales. It was in a little shitty pub there called The Duke and it was years and years ago. Me and John were playing in a different band at the time.
John: I think it was 2007.
Rob: Yeah, something like that. We saw Tor Marrock play and it was probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen in my life! There was a lot of atmosphere and it really worked for that sort of small, grotty venue.
John: The weird thing is that Rob and I stood there open-mouthed, looking at each other and saying “what the fuck is this? This is awesome!”
Rob: We realised that they were infinitely better than what we were doing, and it stuck on us!
John: We were slightly crestfallen but at the same time I said to Rob, “we’d better join that band. We’ll infiltrate! And we did…so here we are in 2015!” (laughs)

So the band’s latest release is your 2013 album Destroy The Soul? How did the writing and recording process go for that?
Rob: It took six years to do!

Wow! So was it worth the massive amount of time spent on it?
Tor: I’m very happy with the way it’s turned out and I think it needed that time because it’s been very experimental. The band started out with electric drums, for example, but where we are now is where I want the band to be.

So what about your new material then? How does it differ from the older stuff
Tor: Well, I’ve gone onto bass now, with these two on guitars, so quite a bit!
Rob: Yeah, it’s going to be quite different to the last two albums in the sense that with two guitarists, it adds that little bit more attitude! There’s a lot more harmonies we can do and Tor’s not having to worry about the guitar so he can concentrate a bit more on complex vocal patterns and being on bass makes it a little easier for him.

Moving on, if you could choose an animal to represent the band, what would it be?
Tor: Something shy and quiet, I think.
John: A pig!
Rob: A filthy pig, yeah!

Why a pig…?
Rob: It just seems to fit the bill!
Tor: I’m going to go for an owl.
Rob: That’s far too majestic. We’re a grotty, dirty band!

Fair enough! If Tor Marrock could put their name to a product, what would it be?
John: Wow, that’s a great question!
Rob: Man, I don’t know.
John: Wait, I’ve got one! A metal detector.
Rob: A metal detector?!
(everyone laughs)

And my last question – what’s your plans for 2015?
Tor: Well, we’re doing the odd gig here and there. We’re also trying to go over to Sweden and play some gigs there, and we’re also working on the new album which we’re hoping to release in January 2016.
Rob: It’s busy, but quiet at the same time – we won’t be gigging everywhere but the gigs that we are trying to do are worth doing.
John: Rob’s gone and ruined it all because he’s getting married!
Rob: Yup! So we’ve had to change some of the gigs we were going to do because I’ve been selfish and am getting married! (laughs)

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Catch Tor Marrock live with Church Of Void in October this year – see here for more details!

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