Torchia – Ending Beginning Review

torchia ending beginningTorchia is a five-piece death metal band from Tampere, who recently put out their EP Ending Beginning and although it is only three tracks in duration, it is a rather mighty piece.

Torchia take no prisoners with this release, instantly throwing the listener into the fray with opener Ending Beginning. The guitars build up the atmosphere with the introduction, giving the track a strong driving force behind it before the vocals kick in, and everything progresses well from there. There’s a wonderful tightness to it all and you get a real sense of togetherness from the music, showing a band that works well as a unit, and a good example of this is in the closing track They Haunt Behind Us, which sees the band giving it all they have to go out with a bang.

A particularly good element of Ending Beginning is the vocals. There’s a great deal of power and meat to them, and they add a lot of momentum and energy, whilst not overpowering the music – the balance is just right, and it’s great to hear as a strong vocal line really does make all the difference.

As a whole, Ending Beginning is a good and memorable listen, showing a lot of promise and potential – if this is a taster of what’s to come with their next full length release, we’re all in for a treat.


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