Top Buzzer – The Sprollie Review

If you think Top Buzzer belong to the bands that just started building up their career, you’re totally wrong. In fact, the band from London was founded in January 2011, set up their own record label called Back2Forward Records, toured the US and released two EPs and one full length album so far. Their current EP, The Sprollie, is out now!

Mannish Girl opens the record with some catchy tunes and guitar parts that remind you of good old pop punk. This song is definitely concert material!
Song number two, Look At You, is in no way inferior to Mannish Girl, even though it’s roughly two minutes long. In fact, it picks up the pace of its predecessor and leads to the next song, We Are Merely Filters. This one sounds okay, pretty similar to the two other songs, just with some amazing guitar parts that stand out. 
Wet Pets is the short end of an EP which you have to get used to, if this isn’t your sound after all. It’s not classic pop punk, Top Buzzer have their own style and their own sound you can’t really compare to any other band out there and that’s definitely a good thing.


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