The Top Threes Of 2017 – Nadine’s Picks

What can I say about 2017 that already hasn’t been said – politics, allegations, venue closures, it’s been quite the frantic ride. Thankfully, a year of experimentation, diverse tours and a feeling the the music industry is heading towards a more progressive era has kept the momentum.

Nine Inch Nails – Add Violence EP

Alright, technically it’s not an album but it’s apart of a greater picture from Trent Reznor and co. This EP feels the most focused in recent years. Poppy, charismatic, with a pinch of Stranger Things eerier electronics vibe. It’s been on repeat since its release. Now Mr Reznor, we think it’s about time you announced a UK tour.

Tracks to check out: This Isn’t The Place, The Background World
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Marilyn Manson – Heaven Upside Down

Following on from my ‘I was a 14 year old industrial mosher and I still am’ vibe Marilyn Manon brings back his bark with recent release Heaven Upside Down. Hailed his best material in years it’s a mix of fiery emotions from Kill4Me (even if an awkward Johnny Depp features) to gut wrenching JE$U$ CRI$I$.

Tracks to check out: Say10, JE$U$ CRI$I$
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Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark

Royal Blood have once again produced an album that’s funky, downright dirty and hella catchy. It’s as if they possessed the devil Josh Homme himself to write it. Perhaps not as raw as their first it’s still tastefully written, hook, line & sinker.

Tracks to check out: Lights Out, Hook, Line & Sinker.
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A year where I finally dug out the tent after 10 years and spent my summer at festivals despite a hellish work schedule. Live music is what drives us here at Soundscape. We all have our own backstories and we all have our reasons why live music is the best feeling in the world.

IMG_0172Every Time I Die – SWX Bristol

I’m pretty sure Every Time I Die always find a way to feature in my top moments but with a band that’s fought an uphill battle to the top and one that puts in an audacious amount of effort more than any young band on the circuit how can they not feature. Their Bristol show was no different and once again another milestone in their UK tour playing their biggest headline shows to date.

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IMG_98602000trees Festival 2017

My first time at the festival and one that feels like it’s going to be a lasting friendship. A bill that featured the best of what the UK has to offer right now – all hungry and out to outperform each other. A warm atmosphere and all of the summer’s sun in three days what was not to enjoy. We look forward to next years announcement.

Highlights: Feed The Rhino, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, Jamie Lenman
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Download Festival 2017

Another festival where I found myself enjoying acts I had never properly acknowledged just like finding a tenna in an old pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a long time. It rekindled my love for festivals and the friendships you make. A place that feels like the home of metal – a place that felt safe – a place that continues to create memories even after 10 years.

Highlights: Prophets Of Rage, Slayer, InFlames, Biffy Clyro
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