The Top Threes Of 2017 – Davids’ Picks

2017 was hailed by many to be a year of hell; a year of hate; a year of uncertainty. However if you came into contact with any of these following releases you’ll know that it was a load of bollocks and that the beat goes on while the song generally remains the same. Here we have my top picks of 2017. A fucking tight list filled with groups and artists who popped out of the shadowy ether this year moved in.


Ulver – The Assassination of Julius Caesar

I’m always excited when Ulver announce a new album because as a group of artists they continue to innovate what they can do. Wandering in and out of genre territories when most musicians would happily stay within their comfort zone. A fearless band of musicians their free spirit is brighter than the sun.

The Assassination of Julius Casesar hailed as a dark-pop album is more than that. It’s the consequence of loving music.

Tracks to check out: Rolling Stone, Southern Gothic and 1969.
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Metalite – Heroes in Time

My favourite newcomer of the year. I went into this album completely deaf and wow, the timbres’ on the otherside. What a ride! The bastard child of Scooter and Within Temptation. Metalite are a band that I hope to hear a lot more from in future. There are so many great hooks in this album that it can hold up my shower curtain by the power of riffs alone. Sitting snuggly in the waining Hair Metal category mainly because it acts like Herbal Essences*.

*[see: plethora of ads shown in UK]

Tracks to check out: Nightmare, Heroes in Time, Black Horse Rider.
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The Birthday Massacre – Under Your Spell

The Birthday Massacre have a distinct personality that is prevalent on all their releases. It’s not just in Chibis’ sultry vocals it’s in the riffs, the sounds; everything. Under Your Spell is another tear jerker, if you can apply that to music. Whatever; it stirs something deep within in and that’s someting that not all modern music can achieve.

Plus those synth voices are fucking perfection!

Tracks to check out: Under Your Spell, All Of Nothing, No Tomorrow.
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Honorable mentions: Ben Prunty – Darkside Detective OST and Steve Kirk – Thimbleweed Park OST. I have a thing for incidental themes in games and both of these soundtracks fit perfectly in the medium.


I didn’t get out enough this year for it to be a competitive list but the acts I did see were all great. There were ofcourse a few bands who deserve some distinction:

One Eyed-Doll – O2, Glasgow, 03/07

Kimberleys’ manic on (and off) stage antics and humour were just so amazing to see and hear in person, like that is what being a true rock star is. It was the first time Kimberely and Jason had toured the old Eurasian continent, or at least Europe and the UK and it’s a show that I will remember for many years to come due to it’s amazing performance, awesome set list and killer red t-shirt!

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PIG – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, 11/03

A bit of an industrial supergroup PIG is basically another strain of KMFDM and ironically less preachy than their justice beleagured sometimes bandmates. A show fit for the circus PIG were everything you could hope for in a parody of christian doctrine. Backed up by ex-black metal super-maestro Mortiis this was a show of the finest filth that swines chose to wallow in. What really made my night though was hearing Juke Joint Jezebel. Mid-nineties Mortal Kombat me would never have guessed or thought that he would see the song he’d rewind on a cassette-copy more than twenty years later.

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Fintroll – Heavy Scotland

Trolls are fucking awesome. Except internet ones with human ears. Be a reel troll!

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