TKNKNTJ – 2008-2009 (Takaisinvaellus/Täällä Helvetissä Olen Aina Valaistunut) Review

TKNKNTJ demoTKNKNTJ recorded their demos Takaisinvaellus and Täällä Helvetissä Olen Aina Valaistunut in 2008 and 2009 respectively, and both have been long lost…until now. Set to be rereleased on a limited edition cassette in a DVD-style case, we decided to take a closer look.

The earlier of the two demos, it has a somewhat rougher sound than that of Täällä Helvetissä Olen Aina Valaistunut, but it’s still a good listen all the same. Second track Kuka Täällä Uskaltaa Vaeltaa is a particular highlight, with it featuring a great amount of energy and riffs, and it’s got a vocal line that swiftly gets stuck in your head. Another highlight is Kun Eläin Eksyi Sielujen Mereen, which has an almost doomy feel at times and the guttural vocals in parts are an especially strong element of the track.

Unfortunately, there are a few weaker songs amongst the demo, which is a shame because it breaks up the flow a little rather than progressing well from track-to-track. However, despite its flaws, Takaisinvaellus is certainly not a difficult listen and it serves as a good starting point for TKNKNTJ.

Täällä Helvetissä Olen Aina Valaistunut
With a more polished sound and an all-round more organised structure, Täällä Helvetissä Olen Aina Valaistunut is definitely the stronger of the two. There is somehow a bit more urgency to the demo and TKNKNTJ have taken a ‘quality over quantity’ approach as each of the four tracks brings something unique, which is refreshing to hear.

The furiously frenetic guitars are a real highlight of this demo, with first track Kuusi Valtakuntaa Liekeissä cranking up the pace, which remains a constant throughout the four tracks before things come to a head with closing track Maailmasi Vanhin Sairaus, which is perhaps the highlight of the whole release – the way it ends is both unique and individual, with gang harsh vocals that leave a lasting impression on you.


As a whole, it’s a fairly good release. It feels like there is a bit of fine-tuning to be done here and there but it’s still well worth a listen because there are some great gems nestled within.


2008-2009 (Takaisinvaellus/Täällä Helvetissä Olen Aina Valaistunut) can be ordered from here for $5.

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