Tigers of Junction Street – Self-Titled Review

Tigers of Junction Street - Self-TitledTigers of Junction Street only formed in 2010 but they’ve spent some time honing and polishing their sound before heading to the studio in the summer of 2013 to record this EP.

The EP opens with Incarnation and it mixes elements of pop, punk and classic rock as well as some good breakdowns style guitar riffs. The vocalist’s style is a breath of fresh air. His voice has a bit of Brandon Boyd style twang to it, but it’s really enjoyable with the music the band is producing.

The Deception is a rather melodic metal track with its big guitars and driving drums. It has a scape to the sound that really creates vivid imagery as you listen to the track.

Hardcore in it’s nature from the start, Cold Water is a different breed altogether. With its changing time signature throughout and its breakdowns, I can see this track being a big mosh pit favourite. It’s got a more pop driven chorus, which is an unusual mix with the hardcore, but somehow Tigers of Junction Street seem to make this mix up track work.

The fourth out of five tracks on this EP is an Interlude. It’s a strange thing to chuck in such a mixed EP, but the sound is absolutely astonishingly beautiful. It’s encompassing and it takes you on a journey all of it’s own. This band could easily write a concept album at some point and use their skills well to build scape and take you on a true musical journey.

Closed Doors closes out this EP. It’s as funky as the previous tracks and will make you want to tap your foot and nod your head. It mixes metal and rock perfectly again to create a very big tune.

This EP really is a mix of styles, combining funk, melodic metal and more. The band’s influences have really allowed them to create a truly unique sound. It’s catchy and it’s lively. This is an EP definitely worth picking up this year.


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