Tid – Fix Idé Review

tid-fix-ideWell, this is rather good, isn’t it? Fix Idé is the debut album from Swedish four-piece Tid and it’s an absolutely stunning piece of work.

Fix Idé is an impressive listen that utilises a lot of different styles and ideas in its approach and somehow it all fits seamlessly together to form one immersive and engaging listen. Indeed, it’s almost impossible to earmark Tid into one specific genre, but perhaps using the umbrella of post-rock/progressive/ambient can give some sort of perspective. The flow is tremendous, with each song moving almost seamlessly to the next, and everything just fits together so well – it’s a very immersive listen that will draw you in and definitely get under your skin.

Something that is particularly good about the album is how Tid take similar approaches in constructing tracks that are musically quite different to one another. There’s a good amount of reptition/sequencing in Demimond and Dumhetens Gudinna (side-note: I challenge you to listen to the latter song of these two and not want to sing along!), but both songs are very stylistically different so on the surface, you wouldn’t see the songs as being alike. It’s a very clever way of writing music and it ensures that everything slots together nicely.

All in all, a fantastic album from Tid. The only problem is that it’s a little on the short side with only six tracks – but on the other hand, the term “quality over quantity” also comes to mind…!


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