Tides of Sulfur – Extinction Curse Review

tides of sulfur extinction curseTides of Sulfur hail from South Wales and have released their debut album Extinction Curse. Which in its atrocity sounds more like an etude for extreme music than a polished piece.

To invoke the metal cliche it sounds exactly like a bunch of guys doing their own thing, and that’s cool, but they’re not defining what their thing is but its repetitive generic emotionless droll has some good ideas in it yet the execution is unironically hasty in its expression.

Lacking the feeling of power in it’s conveyance it’s unfortunately tame, and due to the production values sounds more like a soundcheck than a performance. Overall the equalization isn’t the worst but that drum track is about as clear as fog. Dipping in and out through the deep bass tones from the guitar like a dead pirate searching for gold.

It’s heavy and it’s bassy but it’s overly reliant on its ripping guitar sound, which is a shame because the vocals are decent. Really decent but are too behind in the mix to intimidate any feelings of dread and/or suffering.

Apparently it’s supposed to be delivering an anti-immorality message but the sentiment is defeated in its own affirmation, relegating the previous mentioned good ideas into fantasy – or worse yet, delusion – and leaving it the most melodic drone metal this side of industrial.


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