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We’re big fans of Thyrien here at Soundscape, so wanting to know a bit more about what makes the band tick music-wise, we caught up with them for an insight into their tastes and influences. Get involved below, or listen to the full playlist over on our page here.

A Song That Influenced Them
Valtteri (lead guitar): Ensiferum – Goblin’s Dance. A song with a brutal atmosphere and catching melodies.

Oskari (vocals/guitar): Ensiferum – Treacherous Gods. Old good Ensiferum. I think this one is little underrated and mostly forgets under the other great songs from their firstborn album. It has no special catches or anything but it just simply rocks.

A Song They Wished They Could Have Written
Valtteri: Wintersun – Starchild. Simply a masterpiece. No weak points on this song. Total harmony of perfection.

Oskari: Eternal Tears of Sorrow – Angelheart, Ravenheart (Act1. Before the Bleeding Sun). Extremely majestic song with lot of beautiful melodies. Slow and simple but at the same time so aggressive and unforgiving.

Their Favourite Thyrien Song
Valtteri: Nature’s Rage from the album. Forge The Flame is my favorite from our new songs and we have played this song at gigs.

Oskari: I think When the Horizon Burns. It has powerful melodies and fine storytelling combined with simple but effective rhythm guitars.

A Song They Have Recently Been Listening To A Lot
Valtteri: I could not name just a song. Recently I´ve been listening Wintersun, Dark Tranquility and Amon Amarth just to name some bands.

Oskari: A lot of new Carach Angren, Ensiferum and Behemoth – The Satanist. I’ve found that Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer is one hell of a song. It keeps you in its grasp all five and half minutes and punches you to the liver every second of it, whooja!

Their All-Time Favourite Song
Valtteri: Probably Black Sabbath – Fairies Wear Boots. Classic heavy metal song with great solos and riffs.

Oskari: Wintersun – Battle Against Time. Only one word can describe this song – EPIC. Just listen it. It has nearly everything that you can dream from the metal song. Intense drumming combined with amazing guitar riffs and Jaris amazing vocalwork. When you listen it, you feel so vulnerable and sensitive. I don’t know is it good if metal song makes you feel like that but it just does. Pure Metal!

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