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throws throwsAlthough Throws is the debut release from the musical project of the same name, the musical partnership between the two members goes back a long way, with the pair having performed in Tunng together in the past, and this is something that definitely comes across in the music – there is a very relaxed and easy vibe throughout and the way everything gels so well together is evident of this powerful partnership.

The best way to describe Throws is “nice”. The music has a great light and carefree vibe to it, and it’s an easy an accessible listen that will no doubt appeal to fans of ambient, folk and electronic music alike. Each song flows well from one to the next and the chilled vibe sets the scene well, but on the other hand there’s nothing about the music that quite jumps out at you and sticks in your mind. There’s no denying that it’s an enjoyable listen but unfortunately it’s not the most memorable in parts, which definitely works against Throws at times.

As a whole, Throws is a great, moving album and although on occasion it feels more like background music than a fully immersive piece, it’s still a piece that is worth checking out and getting involved with.


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