Thränenkind Grows To Become King Apathy

TK_KAAfter ten years under the moniker of Thränenkind the band have decided to change their name to something that they feel reflects their brand of bold and dark heavy metal. Taking their name from the now eponymous latest album King Apathy (you can read our review here) the band states:

“The ten years anniversary seemed to be a convenient point to take this hard, but nevertheless important step for us. What [was once a] solo project has grown into a full band […] and the musical style of our latest release differs from the depressive black metal embodied on the first demo/EP.”

Last year we had the pleasure of talking to lyricist and vocalist Nils and you can find that here.

Unveiling their new video Homeruiner in tandem with this development the news also comes at a time where the band have recently signed to German label Lifeforce Records. You can watch the video for Homeruiner below and if you find yourself watching on YouTube leave a Like from me.


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